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John W. Karapelou, CMI
Certified Medical Illustrator

Medical illustration by a premium  medical art / biomedical illustration visual communications resource for dramatic, scientifically accurate and beautifully crafted images that convey important concepts in biotechnology, pharmaceutical marketing and advertising, science branding, medical or surgical technology, and education.

The medical illustration and biological illustrations showcased here are produced by award-winning board certified medical illustrator John W. Karapelou, a leader in the field of medical illustration.  His biomedical art, medical illustrations, commercial illustrations, and stock medical illustrations, renowned for high production values and dramatic impact, are produced with the utmost care to ensure medical and scientific accuracy.  His deep reservoir of 
biological, scientific, and medical knowledge companioned with his visual story-telling skills and the high-end technical execution and scientific accuracy of his medical illustrations provides a value-added dimension to any art buyer′s consideration.  

John W. Karapelou offers a wide range of medical illustration / biomedical art services from consultations on medical / biomedical visual content through concept development, storyboards, and production of medical illustrations in a variety of modalities, including 3D, ready for deployment to a wide range of media.
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