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Customized Biomedical Art and Visualization Services

Hepatitis B virus by John W. Karapelou, CMI

Commercial Biomedical Art

Advertising and marketing; life science for investors. Engaging and scientifically accurate visualizations that promote awareness and use of pharmaceutical, medical, surgical, biotechnology and consumer products.

Pyloric Stenosis in newborn by John W. Karapelou, CMI

Educational Biomedical Art

Instructive visual approaches to medical information and medical product websites, medical textbooks and journals, consumer magazines, newspapers and books, and other outreach vehicles, both print and web. Also, demonstrative courtroom exhibits that support understanding medical expert testimony.

BPH Diagnosis and Management by John W. Karapelou, CMI

Editorial Biomedical Art

Imaginative and graphically dynamic expressions of complex medical, surgical and health science information visually summarized for either a general or specific target audience.

Production, Consultation and Creative Services

Custom produced biomedical illustrations, creative direction, and core concept consultation to provide focused message delivery. High quality and accurate visualizations with attention to detail, clarity, and impact.

Anatomical model for demonstration of NuvaRing contraceptive product. Anatomical design by John W. Karapelou, CMI

Featured project: Consultation and production of anatomical features for NuvaRing dimensional model commissioned by Merck for doctors to demonstrate to patients how the product is used. Produced by Wolffmedical Marketing and Design

The creative force behind Biomedical Art


John W. Karapelou, CMI

John Karapelou is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI). In recognition of his commitment to accuracy, quality and creative solutions in medical art, John Karapelou has received over forty prestigious professional awards from both clients and peers for his achievements in medical illustration.